Customer Testimonials

I had the greatest time when I rented a UTV from Ryan’s Mountain Rentals. WOOOOO HOOOOOO!  –  John Goddard


I loved every second!!  –  W. T. C.


Ryan’s Mountain Rentals is wonderful!  –  Bill Wierzba



Good times w good friends = good fun! Ryan’s rocks!!  –  Jess Goitiandia


We had Sooooooo much fun! Friendliest people! Best customer service! Felt well cared for and safe! Seats are surprisingly comfortable! Ryan and his family have a great business going! We highly recommend them. They gave really good directions and we got to see 360 views, 11,000 feet high, of southern idaho including the snow capped Sawtooth Mountains.Stunningly beautiful! We are definitely going back! !! Thank you for such a fun family time!!  –  Carol Stewart



We loved everything about this. Ryan is an awesome man. He is flexible, cool, helpful and very accommodating. We loved the sights and want to go back soon! –Alexis TWI

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